Tuscan Solid Wood Worktops have a great range of accessories that complement the collection. These worktop accessories enable a professional looking installation through our selection of matching solid wood upstands in all species of timber and proper ongoing care and maintenance of the wood worktop with the handy ‘One Box Installation Kit’.


Solid Wood Oak Upstand

Tuscan Solid Wood Worktops offer matching solid wood upstands in the full range of timber species offered in this collection. These upstands provide an attractive and professional finishing detail to the worksurface area. and are available in 3m lengths x 100mm height x 18mm thickness,

One Box Installation Kit

One box installation kit Tuscan Solid Wooden Worktops

One Box Installation Kits are available for unfinished worktops, and for both clear & coloured prefinished worktops. Each kit features everything needed to professionally install and maintain solid wood worktops, such as hardwax oil, polishing cloths, slotted angle brackets, connecting bolts, and much more.

Installation kits for prefinished worksurfaces include the relevant stained oil to finish any cut edges.

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