Species and Trees

Tuscan Solid Wooden Worktops are crafted from the timber of six different tree species. From the highly popular solid Oak worktops to Beech worktops, from walnut worktops to bamboo worktops; you are sure to find a wooden worktop to match your kitchen.

Here we give an overview of each of our species. Click on the wooden worktop image to see our range in the timber of your choice.

Ash worktops for wooden worktops

Brown Ash Worktops – Fraxinus Excelsior

European Ash is of medium weight, with freshly cut wood being a creamy white to pale brown, turning to a slightly brownish-white after drying for wooden worktop use. Sound irregular dark brown heartwood can be found enhancing the decorative nature and beauty of this wood. View all the Brown Ash worktops range.

Ash worktop for wooden worktop
Beech worktops for wooden worktops

Beech Worktops – Fagus Sylvatica

European Beech is of medium weight and has straight grain with light steaming, producing colouring of pale brown with pinkish or dark brown streaking. Beech worktops are generally regarded as a hard type of wood and the strength properties increase after drying, resulting in this wooden worktop the preferred choice for strength and durability. View all the Beech worktops range.

Solid Wood Worktop - Country Beech
Oak worktops for wooden worktops

European Oak Worktops – Quercus Robur, Quercus Petrea

European Oak is light to yellowish-brown in colour with distinctive silver grain figure due to the broad medullary rays that can appear. Oak worktops are renowned for their strength, durability and aesthetic character, it is a preferred choice in a wide range of applications and wooden worktops. This species of wood is used in our Butcher Block and European Oak (Unfinished and Pre-finished) wooden worktops. View all the Oak worktops range.

Oak worktop for wooden worktop
Iroko worktops for wooden worktops

Iroko Worktops – Chlorophora Excelsa

The excellent strength and natural oil durability properties of Iroko make it an excellent choice for wooden worktops, as well as being one of the most interesting and striking timbers to use. Yellow-brown colour when fresh cut or unexposed to light, however it soon matures into the distinctive and desirable deep yellow-brown. View all the Iroko worktops range.

Tuscan Worktops - Iroko
Walnut worktops for wooden worktops

Walnut Worktops – Juglans Regia

Walnut worktops colouring varies considerably from light straw colour to greyish-brown and on into darker reddish-brown with a wavy grain. It’s an ideal wooden worktop material as walnut worktops are considered tough and durable. View all the Walnut worktops range.

Tuscan Worktops - Solid Walnut Worktop

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